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Brotschul Potts LLC

History of our firm

Brotschul Potts LLC was formed in 2007 by childhood friends, Matthew B. Brotschul and J. Ryan Potts. The life-long Illinois residents felt the legal market was saturated by overpaid associates with bloated hourly rates, and littered with young lawyers tied to their desks and not to the community. They saw the need for an entrepreneurial firm with deep experience, and one that was not bound to the billable hour. Despite comfortable and well-paying jobs, significant family obligations, and the fear of the unknown, Matt and Ryan decided to fill the void and did what their entrepreneur and business clients do every day. They took a risk, put it all on the line, and formed Brotschul Potts LLC.

Since then, Brotschul Potts LLC has committed itself to providing fair, comprehensive and reliable legal and consulting services. The firm has experienced significant growth and success; however, the founders remain focused on the firm’s core mission and principles of fairness and trust as it applies to their clients as well as their growing team. Matt and Ryan have always believed that the sum of the parts are greater than the whole – by treating each client and each member of the team as an individual with a unique story, the whole achieves far greater success.

Michael G. O’Rourke – President, Signature Bank

Brotschul Potts has served our bank for a number of years, working on all aspects of our banking services. They have gone above and beyond, taking the time to get to know us, help us and understand our business. As a financial institution details and accuracy are paramount, and we have full faith and trust in their team to deliver exactly what we need. Simply put, they get it.

Nate Ernst – Ernst Development, LLC

Expertise paired with great service is hard to find in any profession. I found it when I chose Brotschul Potts to represent my start-up. They have been crucial to our growth and bring expertise and value to every conversation. They are true partners.

George Olmos – Morgan/Harbour Construction

Brotschul Potts has an intimate working knowledge of contract disputes, subcontractor issues, construction defect and general construction matters. They have a profound understanding of the construction industry and their knowledge and experience provides enormous benefit to their construction clients.

Ed Warm – Joe’s Bar, Bub City, Joe’s Live

Brotschul Potts has played a crucial role in the growth of our entertainment business. They took a genuine interest in helping our business grow, and took a proactive role in seeing us reach our goals. They see the big picture while guiding through the daily bumps in the road that everyone experiences.

Alex Samoylovich and Jay Michael

Brotschul Potts has provided effective and efficient counsel for our property development company. The firm combines the knowledge of how to properly structure each transaction, with the communication skills to promptly negotiate each contract from start to finish. Having attorneys that understand how to prioritize our needs has been extremely valuable.

Terry Zarowny – Century Environmental Resources, Inc.

You can trust these gentlemen at their word and their results. They will not make promises that they can’t keep.

Meet our Team

The practice of law is a service orientated business, and at Brotschul Potts we believe great service starts with trust. We make the time to get to know every aspect of our clients and believe you should know a bit about us.

Meet Matt Brotschul, the co-owner of Brotschul Potts LLC

Matt Brotschul

headshot of J Ryan Potts smiling

J Ryan Potts

Meet Jay Healy, our esteemed team member

Jay Healy

Meet Adam Powers, our esteemed team member

Adam Powers

Meet Timothy P. Cwick, our esteemed team member

Timothy P. Cwick

Headshot of Sean McQuillan smiling

Sean McQuillan

Headshot of Ryan Tunney Smiling

Ryan Tunney

Headshot of Richard L Miller II

Richard L Miller II

A picture of an old man with glasses wearing a black suit

Ed McGinnis

Headshot of David Hyde with a smile

David Hyde

headshot of Kelly Thames in a black dress

Kelly Thames

Headshot of Janet Vazquez smiling

Janet Vazquez

At Brotschul Potts LLC we distinguish ourselves by immersing in our clients’ businesses and by being responsive to our clients’ personal and professional needs. We get to know every aspect of the people, business and industry in which our clients operate. It is that knowledge and dedication that opens up new opportunities for our clients and helps achieve the best and most efficient results.